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Don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing company names or domains that are doomed to fail. Even though a domain is available, choosing a company name or domain that is too close to someone else’s established brand can end with a “cease and desist” letter, long after you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your own brand. Company names that are hard to spell or hard to pronounce are also hard to remember. Keep it simple and unique. 

How can you tell if you’re in someone else’s space? Start with a Google Search to see who else is using the name you’ve selected. If you don’t find anyone, then do a domain search at one of the domain providers like GoDaddy to see if the domain for your selected name is available. Once you’ve found a company name and accompanying domain, now you can start thinking about your logo, themes, fonts and colors; all of which should relate to, or complement the name and domain you’ve selected. 

If you are choosing a name for your real estate syndication brand, avoid using the word “capital” in our company name and lean instead toward less over-used words like “partners”, “investments”, “holdings”, “assets”, or “funding”. You are much more likely to find an acceptable domain if you avoid over-used words. If you’re choosing a name for a new product or service, try to make up a word so it can be trademarked. Words in common usage can’t be trade marked (such as “Syndication Attorneys” or “Syndication Lawyers”).