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First, you have to decide the purpose of your website:

  1. Is it to establish credibility for prospective investors, lenders, sellers, etc? The former, can be a simple website with information about your company and team members. This site requires little maintenance other than setting it up and keeping it current. It’s a place you send people you’ve met so they can see what your business is about.
  2. Or is it to attract attention from potential investors who find you on the internet? The latter will require that you constantly update your content with regular blogs, podcasts, articles, etc., to rank at the top of search engines so new people can continually find your store. You’ll need to engage a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant that could cost $1,000/month or more to optimize your site for key words that will get the right prospects to your website. You’ll need to establish a calendar link so website visitors can schedule an appointment with you, or you’ll need to devise a way to obtain their contact information and have one of your staff call them and find out why they visited your site, and gather information to determine whether they are suitable to invest in your future offerings. All contacts and follow up calls needed to be registered in a customer-relations management (CRM) software program that you can use to prove to regulators that you established 

In either case, your website should be constructed like a company brochure. Think of this as an online store. 

  • The Home page is your storefront- where you display examples of your wares, post your company name, and notices about what might be found inside. 
  • Your “About Us” Page should tell your story and showcase the talents of your founding members and any key staff. 
  • Your “What We Do” page needs to explain in plain English what your company does, makes, or the services it provides and how it benefits the customer/investor. 
  • The “How We Do It” is the page that explains how it works; what are your processes, systems or procedures that make your product or service unique and/or minimize risk for your investors. 
  • A page explaining how investors can participate, such as a “How to Invest” or “Your Opportunity” page, is crucial to helping your website visitors understand where they fit in and what to do next. Then you need a contact page. If you want your website visitors to give you their contact information, you will need to offer a “Lead Magnet”, which is something of value that your site visitors want and will give you their information to get it. Lead Magnets include things like handy checklists, free reports, or free videos; or an invitation to a lunch or dinner meeting.