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Track Record for Your Investment Company


Want to wow your investors with your prowess in the investing world? For real estate Syndicators seeking private investors, this is a must. Show your potential investors what you’ve done so they can see your experience first-hand. You could give them a boring spreadsheet, but instead, why don’t you give them something they will actually enjoy reading? Let us put your numbers and photographs into a layout you can be proud of.

The standard product is 11×17, double-sided, folded in half; with a custom front and back cover and your data professionally presented inside. Our flat-rate fee includes drafting, editing, graphic design and review by a Corporate Securities Attorney and up to 3 rounds of revision; additional time is billed at $200/hour.

Anticipated timeframe from start to finish: 1-2 weeks


DISCLAIMER: Note that this is a non-legal service purchased from Syndication Attorneys, PLLC. Thus, this product is not subject to Attorney-Client privilege or confidentiality. However, as an internal policy, we do not share work we do for you with others. Each marketing piece we draft is unique and customized to each of our clients and their specific businesses. That being said, there may be commonalities between your plan and one we have created for others. This is unavoidable simply because there is only so much that can be said about certain types of offerings, and there is specific information that investors need that is common to all such marketing materials.
Download Our Investor Marketing Plan Template!

Whether you are starting out as a Syndicator or have a new Securities Offering you need to market to prospective investors, you should start with an Investor Marketing Plan.

Our easy-to-complete Investor Marketing Plan template will have you up and running in no time. It includes a 3-page outline with descriptions of what you should be including for each phase of your Investment Company’s marketing program. It’s delivered in Microsoft Word so that you can easily add your own content for each section.